Coaching Approach

Basic Principles of Coaching

A Certified Coach is an expert in the process of coaching. He learned through theory and practice to listen actively, to ask challenging questions and to accompany his client with a set of tested models combined to adapt to the specific needs of his Client. The goal of a coaching program is to help the Client finding his own solutions in his particular case and become, at the end of the process, his own coach. The Coach can, at some point and if required by his Client, share his experience in his domain of expertise in a form of Mentoring.

The ReBoost Approach

With the ReBoost-Coaching Programs, I want to use the coaching methods to accompany you in ReBoosting your personal productivity and your motivation. My approach can be summarised in two main characteristics : Focused and Action oriented.


When we ReBoost your Mission, we focus on (re)gaining control on your life and work with an adapted approach to your specific situation. We make sure you have the appropriate personal organisation system so that you can take a step back regularly and make the right decisions for your long term goals.

Action oriented

A coaching has no interest if it doesn’t lead you to positive changes . In order to change, you need to take action. From my 15-plus years of experience at improving my own personal productivity, I realised it was the sum of small changes in my everyday life, done consistently over time, that made a big difference.

So between the sessions, you will implement small changes to build step by step the big one you really want to achieve.


I propose you two ways of having our coaching sessions : Walking Coaching or Virtual Coaching.

With the Walking Coaching, we meet at my house with good walking shoes and we go at the end of the street for a walk in the Sonian Forest. Walking is a serious help to think, generate ideas, clarify situations and feeling good! I can adapt the distance of our walk to your envy of the day. When we come back, you will see how much things are already progressing!

With the Virtual Coaching, you get the flexibility you want. We can arrange a call one of your day of home-working, at a time that suits you the best, when you are traveling or you just don’t want to spend more time in your car or public transport. I am trained to coach people in video-conferences so no worries, you won’t lose anything in this format.

Of course, we can combine both solutions, have one walking coaching and two virtual coaching or another combination. If you don’t know yet, just select “Flex” in the format of coaching when you book it and we will decide together.

The First Session is Free

Some of you may already have some experience with coaching, others may not. In both cases, Coaching benefit tremendously of good relationship (“click”) between the Client and the Coach. A standard practice in the industry is to have a “Chemistry Call”, first discussion about the needs and expectations of a potential Client, some explanations about the Coaching process and most importantly, a quick check to see if there is a match with your coach.

If a Chemistry call that works fine gives you a good impression of the potential for further collaboration, it doesn’t give you a real taste of what a full coaching session could be.

I propose you to have the first session of the programs for free . If you are satisfied with the way we are working together, you can buy a full Coaching Session on the page “Coaching“. Doing this, you will pay the first session as part of the Coaching Program, so you will still have 3 coaching sessions to go. If you don’t like the coaching approach or the contact with me or anything else, you don’t pay anything and we stop the program at this stage.


Before I started this journey as a coach, I wanted to make sure I could offer the best to my Clients, conscious about the responsibility I take as a coach. I decided to train myself with Coach Adviser to become Accredited Executive Coach with the EMCC. It was a great experience for structuring my approach and test it in the safe environment of the classroom. I could learn a lot of models and coaching techniques I used while coaching volunteers. I am delighted to use this background combined with my own experience to walk with you for a while on the road of improvement !


EMCC stands for European Mentoring and Coaching Council . Its vision is :

The EMCC exists to develop, promote, and set the expectation of best practice in mentoring, coaching, and supervision globally for the benefit of society

I choose to become accredited with the EMCC because it represents the best my view of Coaching and Mentoring. Throughout my journey to become a Practitioner, I discovered the real power of Coaching and how to use subtle touches of Mentoring when appropriate.

Working with an EMCC Certified Coach also means he/she works in compliance with the Global Code of Ethics (Download here) and the Diversity and Inclusion Declaration (Download here). These mean a lot to us, as they represent in a formal manner what we stand for in our practice and in our life. We always set some time aside to answer your questions about these documents, feel free to raise any concern or question!


Strengthscope® is the only strengths profiling test registered with the BPS (British Psychological Society) and is based on a psychometric profiling that helps you define your unique strengths.

When you chose the Re-Boost your Strengths program, you will have access to the test and we will focus the coaching around the use of your strengths in your unique environment. I have followed a specific training to be certified with the Strengthscope® Company to make sure I could guide you through the results of your test and coach you to help implementing it in your everyday life.

Your Coach


Coaching is first and foremost about you!

But you might be willing to know who’s your coach so I am going to write a little about me… This way, we can focus directly on you when we start a coaching program!

I am the proud father of three children, Pierre, Jeanne and Antoine, and the not less proud husband of Patricia. In these functions, I try to co-manage our family-team the best I can with a great deal of humility facing my own limits, learning every day on this demanding job and grateful for the team we make!

Besides that, I worked for 15 years in various functions related to the Supply Chain. I have been working as a consultant in Transport and Logistics to start my career, then in the glass industry where I worked in Transport and Logistics functions and in purchasing in both the building and the automotive industry. I had the chance to manage small and larger teams in the course of my career. (If you want to know more about my career, don’t hesitate to take a look at my Linkedin profile.)

It is through these experiences that the interest in coaching, self-productivity and the use of my strengths grew up. In 2020 I decided to quit my job, taking advantage of a reorganisation to launch my long term dream of starting my own company.

I have now created ReBoost Experience SRL where I combine two re-boosting activities : selling Japanese Organic Matcha Tea and Coaching. The adventure has just started for me, now let’s see how you can boost your own!

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