Business Solution

If you are interested in a Coaching program adapted to the needs of your company or your team, don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can set-up a meeting and design the right solution to Re-Boost your business.

Individual Coaching for members of your Team or your Company

We can arrange coaching sessions for each member of a group, allowing the entier group to have both individual coaching and a common language for the team. I can coach all or part of a given team, depending on your needs. The coaching program I offer for individual Clients can be implemented in this context, with adaptation to the specific situation of your team/company/industry.

Transport, Logistics and Purchasing Management Coaching

I really value the techniques of Coaching and its philosophy : the Client finds out his/her solution.

I propose to use my 15 years of experience in Transport, Logistics and Purchasing Management to give a boost to your business with a targeted coaching of your employees or managers specifically around Transport, Logistics or Purchasing Management questions.

I can share my practical experience, understand your situation and help you find solutions, keeping in mind the Coaching approach that offers much lasting results than pure advises. Wether you need a sounding board to your ideas or a timely, targeted support to overcome a difficult period or manage an important project, we can find together the solution that suits the best your needs.

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