Before I started this journey as a coach, I wanted to make sure I could offer the best to my Clients, conscious about the responsibility I take as a coach. I decided to train myself with Coach Adviser to become Accredited Executive Coach with the EMCC. It was a great experience for structuring my approach and test it in the safe environment of the classroom. I could learn a lot of models and coaching techniques I used while coaching volunteers. I am delighted to use this background combined with my own experience to walk with you for a while on the road of improvement !


EMCC stands for European Mentoring and Coaching Council . Its vision is :

The EMCC exists to develop, promote, and set the expectation of best practice in mentoring, coaching, and supervision globally for the benefit of society

I choose to become accredited with the EMCC because it represents the best my view of Coaching and Mentoring. Throughout my journey to become a Practitioner, I discovered the real power of Coaching and how to use subtle touches of Mentoring when appropriate.

Working with an EMCC Certified Coach also means he/she works in compliance with the Global Code of Ethics (Download here) and the Diversity and Inclusion Declaration (Download here). These mean a lot to us, as they represent in a formal manner what we stand for in our practice and in our life. We always set some time aside to answer your questions about these documents, feel free to raise any concern or question!


Strengthscope® is the only strengths profiling test registered with the BPS (British Psychological Society) and is based on a psychometric profiling that helps you define your unique strengths.

In the Productivity Coaching process, it can be useful at a certain stage to do the Strengthscope test. Based on its results, we will focus on the use of your strengths in your unique environment. I have followed a specific training to be certified with the Strengthscope® Company to make sure I could guide you through the results of your test and coach you to help implementing it in your everyday life.

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