Coaching Approach

Basic Principles of Coaching

A Certified Coach is an expert in the process of coaching. He learned through theory and practice to listen actively, to ask challenging questions and to accompany his client with a set of tested models combined to adapt to the specific needs of his Client. The goal of a coaching program is to help the Client finding his own solutions in his particular case and become, at the end of the process, his own coach. The Coach can, at some point and if required by his Client, share his experience in his domain of expertise in a form of Mentoring.

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The ReBoost Approach

With the ReBoost-Coaching Programs, I want to use the coaching methods to accompany you in ReBoosting your personal productivity and your motivation. My approach can be summarised in two main characteristics : Focused and Action oriented.


When we ReBoost your Productivity, we focus on (re)gaining control on your life and work with an adapted approach to your specific situation. We make sure you have the appropriate personal organisation system so that you can take a step back regularly and make the right decisions for your long term goals.

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Action oriented

A coaching has no interest if it doesn’t lead you to positive changes . In order to change, you need to take action. From my 15-plus years of experience at improving my own personal productivity, I realised it was the sum of small changes in my everyday life, done consistently over time, that made a big difference.

So between the sessions, you will implement small changes to build step by step the big one you really want to achieve.

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