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Read in the office? No way!

You see, when I read something on my mobile phone or my computer, it can be the most stupid thing in the world, nobody will tell me I should work or disturb me as easily as they did with my book in hands. Even if we know - yes we know! - that disconnecting from our computer and, why not, reading a book will give us a far better break than browsing for the latest gossip .
The upside of stress

The Upside of Stress

What if we were reframing our views on stress? What if we were telling ourselves that stress is a sign that our body is preparing itself so that we give our best performance for the task at hand ? What if we could see stress as an indicator that what we are going to do next is very important to us and so we really want to give the best of ourselves to make it a

The Very Next Action

When you are stuck in a project or you procrastinate - i.e. you say everyday you are going to do this task, but later ... - asking yourself a very simple question can help you move on. This questions is : "What is the very next physical, visible action I need to take if I want to move forward in this mission?"
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