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The effective use of your Strengths

In the Strengthscope 360° ™️ supplement to the Strengthscope test, your colleagues (peers, direct report and line managers/supervisors) receive a questionnaire where they assess (1) if what you perceive as your strengths are also perceived by them and (2) if you are using these strengths effectively to deliver results. When the answer is yes for both questions, you basically receive a confirmation of what you have evaluate for yourself in the Strengthscope test. When the answers are different - or very different - than what you think of yourself, it's at the same time disturbing, humbling and useful.
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The use of our Strengths

Strengths are not competences. Stengths give us energy, and they are inside us. This is the whole point of coaching for me : we have these strengths inside us. We don't need to search very far for it. We only need to look inside us and to trust that what we find is or could be an incredible tool for our development and our satisfaction. The coach is just helping to look, to express and to act

"Vous devez trouver ce que vous aimez"

People often speak about "Passion" and express the need to "LOVE" what they do as a job. I think it's ok NOT to LOVE my job, and not to be passionate about only one thing were people expect me to excel. I think it's OK to like what I am doing and how I am doing it, to like many other things, to be interested in many aspects of life and work, feel useful for at least some people. Earn my bread. By eternally looking for THE ONE, ideal thing we love and make it our career, we might not see the already great things that are in front of us, waiting to be valued through our work. Let's cross the bridge in front of us, it might be the path to our top.
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