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Read in the office? No way!

You see, when I read something on my mobile phone or my computer, it can be the most stupid thing in the world, nobody will tell me I should work or disturb me as easily as they did with my book in hands. Even if we know – yes we know! – that disconnecting from our computer and, why not, reading a book will give us a far better break than browsing for the latest gossip .

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The effective use of your Strengths

In the Strengthscope 360° ™️ supplement to the Strengthscope test, your colleagues (peers, direct report and line managers/supervisors) receive a questionnaire where they assess (1) if what you perceive as your strengths are also perceived by them and (2) if you are using these strengths effectively to deliver results. When the answer is yes for both questions, you basically receive a confirmation of what you have evaluate for yourself in the Strengthscope test. When the answers are different – or very different – than what you think of yourself, it’s at the same time disturbing, humbling and useful.

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