Hidden time in productivity

On a production line, for example an assembly line, we speak of “hidden time” when an operation can be done while working on another.

For example: I have to glue one part on another and the assembly needs 10 seconds to hold according to the required quality criteria. 

So I can glue that piece, put it aside for 10 seconds and take the next piece to glue it, then put that next piece aside, pick up the first one and work on the next operation etc.

This concept of masked time can be applied to your daily productivity and will allow you to :

  1. Save time
  2. Save others time
  3. Contribute to advancing the “production line” of the whole company!
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Save time

Imagine the following situation :

  1. You need the input of your colleagues to move forward on a file
  2. You need to run your database to start your analysis and prepare for your afternoon meeting
  3. You must finish writing a report started the day before

I would typically tend to start with point (3) to close it and have a little satisfaction in my work.

However, if I want to save time, I’d better do (1) and (2) first and, while my colleagues send me back their input and my database is doing its calculations, I can finish my report.

Actions 1 and 2 will take place in hidden time while I work on operation 3.

If my colleagues are as efficient as me, I should have their answer once my report is finished.

And if not, my database will have generated the report I need to move forward!

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Save time for others

When I send my request for input to my colleagues, they can integrate them into their action plan for the day and better organise themselves.

The alternative – often experienced – is to receive a request for input from a colleague who generally needs it right away…

In this case, I am forced to give up what I am doing (and therefore waste time), not to answer or to answer badly.

None of these alternatives is better than notifying my colleagues in time!

Contribute to advancing the production chain of the entire company

If everyone works this way in a team or a company, everyone will have the opportunity to organise themselves and therefore not waste time, and everyone will be the “hidden worker” of another .

Everyone therefore progresses optimally from a personal and organisational point of view.

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And you?

Why not try this approach tomorrow?

Tell me what you think and what your difficulties are, I’m interested!

Until then… 



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