Two ways

I propose you two ways of having our coaching sessions : Walking Coaching or Virtual Coaching.

With the Walking Coaching, we meet at my house with good walking shoes and we go at the end of the street for a walk in the Sonian Forest. Walking is a serious help to think, generate ideas, clarify situations and feeling good! I can adapt the distance of our walk to your envy of the day. When we come back, you will see how much things are already progressing!

With the Virtual Coaching, you get the flexibility you want. We can arrange a call one of your day of home-working, at a time that suits you the best, when you are traveling or you just don’t want to spend more time in your car or public transport. I am trained to coach people in video-conferences so no worries, you won’t lose anything in this format.

Of course, we can combine both solutions, have one walking coaching and two virtual coaching or another combination.

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The First Session is Free

Some of you may already have some experience with coaching, others may not. In both cases, Coaching benefit tremendously of good relationship (“click”) between the Client and the Coach. A standard practice in the industry is to have a “Chemistry Call”, first discussion about the needs and expectations of a potential Client, some explanations about the Coaching process and most importantly, a quick check to see if there is a match with your coach.

If a Chemistry call that works fine gives you a good impression of the potential for further collaboration, it doesn’t give you a real taste of what a full coaching session could be.

I propose you to have the first session of the programs for free . If you are satisfied with the way we are working together, we can continue our collaboration according to your needs. I will include the first session. If you don’t like the coaching approach or the contact with me or anything else, you don’t pay anything and we stop the program at this stage.

Your personalised formula

If you want to start a coaching program with me, you can do it the way it suits you the best. I will adapt to your needs. We can work one session at the time or you can book the number of session you want at once. You can also purchase a credit of coaching hours : x hours you can use till the credit is over. Sometimes you will spend 2 hours of coaching, sometimes 30 min. in a call when you need a quick intervention from me. You decide.

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