Re-Boost your Mission


Re-boost your mission to go into the direction you chose, be more efficient and stay motivated even in difficult times!

Duration : 4 sessions, between 60 and 90 minutes each

(Prices excl. VAT)

With this program, we work on the (re)definition of your missions at work and in life.

Doing so we make sure

  1. You are advancing strategically in a direction that make sense to you
  2. You are working in a productive and efficient way to accomplish your mission
  3. You stay focused and motivated, even when things get confused and challenging

Working with a certified coach is the opportunity for you to have someone who will ask you the right questions and challenge you to make sure you are clear with yourself, clear with your strategy, and ready to move into the right direction, even when times are more difficult on the way. 

I propose to (literally) walk you through 4 phases of reflexion : your mission, your strategy, the ressources available to accomplish your mission and a set of guidelines and tools to make sure you stay on the path you defined for yourself. I invite you to take a fresh perspective on your job and your life through a walk in the Sonian Forest , far from your desk, your emails and your meetings.

The first session is free and give you the opportunity to really taste what a coaching session is. If you don’t feel you want to continue, you pay nothing. If you like how we work, you can book a 4 sessions coaching program that will include the first session. If you need one or two additional sessions,  you can book them via the Re-Boost Flex program.


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