Re-Boost your Productivity – Sébastien Clerckx


Re-boost your self-productivity to do more of what matters to you!

Duration : 1 session

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Why being more productive? How does your self-productivity impacts you? Is your current way of working and living supporting your long term missions ?

Most productivity books and training I know are focusing on the methods to become more productive, which is of course very helpful and one of the major elements that will help you improve in this area. But if you focus only on producing more or faster, you might end far away from what really want to achieve in your work and life.

In this program we will have a global approach of self-productivity, centred around your Missions in the various domains of your life. We will support the completion of your missions by working on specific actions to improve your Method, the use of your Ressources and a healthy Discipline in your life to keep achieving results that matter to you.

There are typically 3 phases in this approach :

  1. The Exploration phase where we clarify your current situation, your goals and expectations from this Coaching and the fundamental notion of Mission in your specific cases;
  2. The Action phase where we work on a very specific action plan adapted to your own Missions and focused on what you want to improve : productivity method, use of ressources or healthy discipline;
  3. The Anticipation phase where we prepare a plan to make sure you keep tracking your productivity level during periods of changes that will destabilise your organisation. We make sure you have a “contingency plan” to review your productivity through the lenses of your (new) Missions, Method, Ressource and Discipline.

The first session is free and give you the opportunity to really live a coaching session. If you don’t feel you want to continue, you pay nothing. If you like how we work, you can book a 3 sessions coaching program that will include the first session. If you need one or two additional sessions,  you can book them via the Re-Boost Flex program.


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