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Start your day with 3 actions!

Boost your productivity and motivation

Starting your day with 3 actions is a simple trick that can boost your productivity and your motivation for the rest of the day!

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When I am not feeling motivated for whatever reason, I use this simple trick one of my managers told me about 10 years ago. At the end of the day, I pick 3 actions I really need to get done, and i put them on my list of actions to start the next day.

It is a very simple trick, but it gives you :

  1. Three tasks done before you actually start taking care of the rest of your day
  2. Three small victories to boost your motivation (and the one of others : motivation is contagious)
  3. The focus you need to take care of other tasks and projects
Key Success Factors

To provide the expected results, the actions must respect the following criteria :

  1. They must be manageable in a short/reasonable period of time : the goal is only to start your day, not to spend the full day doing these
  2. You need to have a clear idea (vision) about what it looks like when your action is done
  3. The action must provide a visible result : you need to see the result in a way or another (checking the task in your list is a minimum, having a memo completed or email sent or a call done are some examples of the observable results)
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An example of three actions could be :

  1. Send a meeting request to the customer XWZ according to the call we had yesterday
  2. Email John with my feedback on his proposal
  3. Call Emily to have a first feedback about the cost reduction program I proposed her last week

Very simple, and really powerful!

Just try it!

I would really recommend you try it as soon as tomorrow : it’s easy and you will immediately feel the results!

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments about this small experience hereunder !

ReBoostingly yours!


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