Your Coach

Coaching is first and foremost about you!

But you might be willing to know who’s your coach so I am going to write a little about me… This way, we can focus directly on you when we start a coaching program!

I am the proud father of three children, Pierre, Jeanne and Antoine, and the not less proud husband of Patricia. In these functions, I try to co-manage our family-team the best I can with a great deal of humility facing my own limits, learning every day on this demanding job and grateful for the team we make!

Besides that, I worked for 15 years in various functions related to the Supply Chain. I have been working as a consultant in Transport and Logistics to start my career, then in the glass industry where I worked in Transport and Logistics functions and in purchasing in both the building and the automotive industry. I had the chance to manage small and larger teams in the course of my career. (If you want to know more about my career, don’t hesitate to take a look at my Linkedin profile.)

It is through these experiences that the interest in coaching, self-productivity and the use of my strengths grew up. In 2020 I decided to quit my job, taking advantage of a reorganisation to launch my long term dream of starting my own company.

I have now created ReBoost Experience SRL where I combine two re-boosting activities : selling Japanese Organic Matcha Tea and Coaching. The adventure has just started for me, now let’s see how you can boost your own!

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